True Blue, Baby I Love U-Acrylic painting

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Product Description

I'm not sure how to describe this peice, a lot of focus is put on the different textures. Unfortunatly that's very hard to photoghraph. So I will start with the begining, the meaning behind the creation.

This painting was inspired by a photograph I once saw of a women peeking behind a peacock feather. You could only see her eyes, that image of mystery stuck with me and inspired me to create this painting.

Do you know where the expression "True Blue" came from? Sapphires! Sapphires symbolize truth, sincerity, and faithfulness.

After talking with a bunch of my girlfriends one night I realized how much we as women pick ourselves apart, how much pressure we put on ourselves to be beautiful, to be the best house cleaners, mothers and wives. And how this pressure creates a negative feeling in our hearts. We need to love all of ourselves for the way we are, we need to be "True Blue" to ourselves. Which brings me back to the photograph, I remember thinking how beautiful it was, I could only see her eyes. I didn't know how clean her house was, I didn't know how big her butt was. Would I have thought she was any less beautiful if I had? Probably not. So even if you don't buy this painting I hope that you take with you the message and give yourself a sapphire.

This painting is primarily done in blue, gold and green, hense the name... True Blue, baby I love you. (is that infringing on any copyright laws?)

True Blue, Baby I Love U-Acrylic painting

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